Bass Fishing Central Florida Guide

The Fantastic Bass Fishing Experience in Central Florida

When you go fishing from one place to the other  in the U. S. you will see many different types  of lakes and rivers. Each body of water has its  own endearing characteristic but they also have  a lot of things in common. And that is where the  lakes and rivers in Central Florida differ from  all the others lakes in the United States – it  has its own uniqueness.

It is popularly known that Central Florida is  famous for fantastic Bass fishing. They have the  best lakes in the entire Florida because they  have the finest largemouth bass any other lakes  could give.

Bass fishing in Central Florida is world class  throughout the year. The reproduction of  this fish occurs between December and April at  which time the bass will be at their heaviest.  Eight to ten pound trophy-class fish are  possible on any given day, with a chance at even  a larger bass.

You can also find in Central Florida the famous  Kissimmee Chain of Lakes where the finest  largemouth bass can be found.

Central Florida bass fishing is known world  wide. Avid fishermen from all over the world  take their vacations here in order to see and  catch their own world-class wall mount, a sure  pride of their collection.

Before you go on fishing for bass fishes  in Central Florida, you have first to consider  that fishes have different characteristics. And  they are as follows:
  1. Shallow water fish or literal zone fish:  These fishes lives and survive in shallow water  near the shore line.
  2. Of course when there are fishes in the  shallow, there are also fishes that live in deep  water.The last are the classes of gypsies. 
  3. These  fish live in deep-water home but they van also  survive near the shore.
Now, if you are done categorizing to what  characteristic does the bass fish belong, start  the ultimate fishing.

But wait! You might be wondering where on  Central Florida you can get these bass fishes.  Here is a list of lakes where you can find the  finest and the best bass fishes in the whole  Central Florida.
  • The Lake Tohopekiga or the Lake Toho -  the Florida’s trophy Largemouth fisheries are  found in Lake Tohopekaliga or "Lake Toho”. It is  actually the place where B.A.S.S is held.  This  is also know as the Kissimee Chain of Lakes.
  • The Lake Cypress
  • And the Lake Kissimmee
Try to visit these lakes! And you will never  regret it.
While there are so many seasoned Bass fishers from Central Florida and some from out of state, there are also those who have little or no experience just yet but want to takes up the sport. It is necessary to know that it is not just about throwing a line in the water and wait. There are some necessary procedures and laws to follow.

The following are important guides for fishing  bass in Central Florida:

  1. Be sure that the boats you are going to  use are fully equipped with all U.S. Coast Guard  safety equipment and cell phone for emergency  purposes.
  2. It is a must to consider the weather  condition. You should leave the water when a  storm comes or if there is lightning in the  area.
  3. You should start to fish early in the morning or in the evening because bass are active on cooler temperature.
  4. Use artificial or live bait to trap the  bass. This is an effective technique because  bass are not aware of the bass fishers when they  are feeding.
  5. Bring extra rods and reels. You might need it.
But if you feel like you want the guide services to help you, you can just search for them at the internet. Because they already have an advertisement regarding the services they offer.
Different bass fishing guide agencies will  assist you with your tour. It may charge you a certain amount. But it is an expense I am sure will be worth it. You will like the pleasure that bass fishing will give to you.

As a reminder do not forget to bring with you  your sunglasses and sunscreen because it might get hot out there! But of course, do not forget to bring food. You don’t want an angry stomach onyour bass fishing trip, do you?

And best of all be sure you have your camera so, you can take pictures as a memoirs of your  fantastic bass fishing in Central Florida as well as that whopping 15 pounder that you caught.

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