Peacock Bass Fishing

Much Ado About Peacock Bass Fishing

Along with the great surge interest of the people with bass fishing in the entire state, comes another kind of freshwater fishing which needs vigorous physical strength, open yourself to the interesting world of peacock bass fishing.

A peacock bass is actually from the cichlids family of fish not from the bass family, though it resembles that of a largemouth bass.  It would normally have waylaid attacks to a piteous and unwary victim from a knothole and show his insatiable desire for food.  It would just take hold of a very puny prey from afar and would eat it voraciously as if it hadn’t taken any food for years.

On the other hand, unlike its North American counterpart, the peacock bass is a lot more eye-appealing and vibrantly decorated with the various shades of green, blue, orange and gold.  But we should not be taken in to these dazzling façade because, as a matter of fact, they are far more aggressive than the largemouths that they can even shatter the rods or destroy the tackle that would already be enough to restrain the toughest of the largemouth.

One more difference which can be observed is that the largest among largemouth are always the female while in peacock bass, either the male or the female can grow to a large portion.

The peacock bass, which is known as pavon in Venezuela and Columbia and tucunare in Brazil and Peru, is generally categorized into four distinct species: (a) the speckled peacock, (b) the peacock pavon or tucunare, (c) the butterfly peacock, and (d) the royal peacock, but fish biologists still suggest that various other types may actually be present to the whole of South America

It may have acquired its name from the fact that the spot—a black circular “eye spot” which is notably rimmed in gold--on the base of the caudal fin which bears a close resemblance to the tail plume of a peacock fowl.

Male peacocks are normally described to have a well-known hump on their head which is used as a battering ram in battles with other males and to protect the fry and their territory as well.  Some believe that the hump may be a fat deposit that the male peacock uses to nourish himself when he is not feeding on fry.

It should be well-noted that before we indulge ourselves with the activity we should prepare everything that would be needed at first.  We can log on to the web, read magazines or such other activity if we want detailed information about it.  Consultations may be done online so we could be provided with a lot of options to choose from.  It would serve as our guide on what are we going to bring, basically, on what we are going to need when we go peacock bass fishing.

We should not also fail to notice the tips that expert fishers have especially for beginners because this would literally be a whale of help aside from having a guide during the activity. Its better that you already have something in your mind about what’s going to happen in order that you’ll be able to assess whether you can do it or not.  And since it as mentioned that peacock bass fishing somewhat requires physical strength it would be better to train our body long before the activity.

People would claim that the most excellent peacock bass fishing could be found on Brazil’s Rio Negro River and on Venezuela’s Lake Guri.  If you happen to have a spare time and you don’t know how you’re going to spend it, try to visit the place and experience the satisfaction that peacock bass fishing would render upon you.

This activity is unquestionably one that will offer us great fun and that we will surely stop thinking about our worries even just for a couple of hours or so.  We oftentimes disregard the fact that we should give ourselves a break after having a hard work to give our minds a time to refresh our thoughts, our body to relax.

This would surely be a once-in-a-lifetime experience that everyone of us must take advantage of.  The challenge that is offered when catching an unruly peacock bass and the memories that you’ll have with your fellow adventure–seekers will all be a part of your memoirs that will certainly linger on your thoughts as long as you are alive.

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