Florida Bass Fishing Guides

Florida Bass Fishing Guides: Your Ticket to the Best Fishing Experience in Florida

Southwest Florida has gained world-wide acknowledgment for its incomparable salt water fishing, but the outstanding freshwater fishing has not yet captured the wide spread concentration of its visitors. Local residents are in on the secret, this is shown on the three extremely full of life freshwater clubs in Collier County.

Florida is extremely well-known for its bass fishing 
It will go down in history as the "Year of the Hurricanes." The constant pounding Florida took during the late summer of last year ranks as one of the largest natural disasters to ever strike the Sunshine State. It was a royal chaos at the time. But six months later, there are some positive things happening.

Although the enormous influx of rainwater unfavourably impacted both freshwater and saltwater fishing for several months, it did some good things for the inland lakes. Many were at low levels, and the added fresh water was cherished. In some compliments, the hurricanes are a key part of a natural drawdown-refill cycle that will pay dividends for bass fishermen in future years.

Florida bass fishing on Lake Okeechobee with a USCG licensed guide service is an event every bass fishing angler is dreaming of doing sometime in his lifetime. Lake Okeechobee has a lot of large mouth bass of all sizes which means that it recommends some very high-quality bass fishing for every person.

Bass fishing Lake Okeechobee - Florida wild shiners are the preferred bait for a trophy bass and it is a natural food that they feed on daily, which is why it is preferred when fishing for bass.

Florida has the best big bass and extremely knowledgeable guides and can furnish references to back it up. They are very well-mannered, experienced professional guides that will take you to these bass fishes. They don’t do the actual fishing for you, but they will show you the best places to go as well as show you some of their techniques. You get to set the hook and experience the fight of the fish yourself. Florida Bass fishing guides fish the lakes on a daily basis, just to ensure your success.

Here are some of Florida’s bass fishing best guides you can get:

  • Lake Okeechobee fishing guides

  • Stick marsh farm 13 fishing guide

  • Lake Kissimmee guide 

  • Lake Toho guides

  • Harris chain of lake guide

Of course, there are literally thousands of terrific fishing spots in Florida but here are the top ten best fishing spots: 

•  LAKE JACKSON. Located just north of Tallahassee, this shallow 4,000-acre natural lake is best around the Church Cove and Cattle Gap areas in the north and central portions.

•  LOW BUSH BAY. Its is very deep and has a wide variety of underwater structures, sadly though, it id no longer open to the public.

•  LAKE TARPON. Lake Tarpon is located in Pinellas County on Florida's west coast, about 25 miles northwest of Tampa. Suggested areas for the best fishing: edges of cattails and bulrush, offshore clumps of vegetation, also near Brooker creek and in the canal on the south end of the lake.

•  TENOROC AREA. Formerly a phosphate mine less than 10 miles northeast of Lakeland, this 6,400-acre property is a series of marshes and small lakes.

•  THE EVERGLADES. The two best areas are 210 square miles of Everglades’s marsh connected with perimeter canals, and 730 square miles of wetlands bordered by a canal system.

•  STICK MARSH RESERVOIR. Created by the flooding of some 6,500 acres of former farmland. This is an abundant place for bass - the southern portion of Farm 13 is best.

•  THE OKEECHOBEE. Probably Florida's most famous bass fishing location, Lake Okeechobee (the "Big O") is located in south central Florida, covering 730 square miles, easily accessible from both the east and west coast of Florida. The best spots are around Eagle Bay Island, Fish eating Bay, and Pelican Bay.

•  LAKE WOEHKAYAPKA. Which means "Walk-in-Water," is a 7,534-acre lake off S.R. 60 about 50 miles south of Orlando, a few miles east of Lake Wales, and very near to Lake Kissimmee.

•  LAKE KISSIMMEE.  Actually part of a chain of lakes, in Polk and Osceola counties, Lake Kissimmee is 35,000 acres. Also known for great fishing is West Lake Tohopekaliga, an 18,810-acre shallow lake just south of the city of Kissimmee, can be accessed by passing through the locks between the lakes.

•  LAKE GEORGE. The second largest lake in Florida, and is a natural lake from the St. Johns River.

Check out the internet for some of the websites that offer the Florida Bass fish guides and give them a call. This is one experience you’ll likely to never forget.

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